Origen de las primeras colecciones

Origin of the first collections

A combination of letters can mean a lot to some and nothing to others. But here it is not about talking about others, it is about showing the world something of yourself with pride, without fear of what they will say, that they see as far as you want them to see. Because you have the power.

I suppose something like this happens with beautiful islands, the most impressive thing is not what is at first glance. Everything is connected, the earth volcanic it runs through the entire island, each of them, from the highest peak to the depths of the ocean, forming what we call natural pools. Impressive to look at, unattainable for many, a place of peace, of energy renewal.

It is a land full of contrasts, the black sand burning that burns the soles of your bare feet when walking on the way to the shore, and the cold water that calms the burning leaving the trace of the saltpeter on the skin. The smell of the sea versus the smell of needles that fall from the Pine trees, while you climb to the top of the island where the sea of clouds and the winds await you trade winds. 

This is how the names of the first five collections were born, consisting of purses, card holders, wallets and key rings. I cannot help feeling identified with each one of them, because of my origin, because of what they make me feel. Maybe until now I was not ready to show this part of me, to share with the rest what umbrella it means and perhaps it is not quite. But as the saying goes "the path is made by walking", and I am willing to walk hand in hand with anyone who wants to be part of this umbrella.

Kisses bye!


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Hola,quisiera comprará varios artículos pero es que no veo dónde puedo indicar cómo personalizo cada uno, me podrían ayudar? Gracias


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