Mi comienzo, nuestro comienzo

My beginning, our beginning

This is not an idea of now, right now…, it never usually is. When you see a new project starting on social media, there are usually many months of painstaking work behind it. Or at least, @umbrella_collection has it.


How did I start? Well, as any dream begins, wandering in my thoughts, in a thousand and one ideas. I really don't know what the real beginning was, what I do know is that everything started rolling as soon as I raised the idea to my reference in the world of entrepreneurship. A woman who is always behind the scenes… she was my true impulse. "Step by step" he always says to me, because he knows perfectly well that I already want to be on the top of the mountain. And my children, in my world, and surely in the world of many, to be at the top you have to work like an ant, grain by grain, or in my case, design by design.

I started by making many calls that were not answered, others with responses such as "we already work with large companies and we don't have space for your production", but I also found a response like "I can't help you, but maybe I know who can" . The negative will always be there, but I am an expert in holding on to the thread of hope, of tugging and tugging until I know where it takes me, because when I start a path, I am unable to stay in the middle. I cannot deny myself the opportunity to try it, my children, we cannot, because others will do it.

This is only just beginning and it's as exciting as it is scary. When I really decide to bring it out, expose it, expose myself, the chaos begins. A complicated situation for all, hard, and believe me, misfortunes never come alone.

But he had already started walking and could not, did not want, to back down. Because life is full of obstacles, difficulties, that test your resilience. And I think life, circumstances, are tough enough that we don't do something about it and just go with the flow.

And here I am, at my beginning, at our beginning, under the same umbrella.


Kisses bye!


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