Rouse Collection

Without a doubt, it is about the awakening of the collections. Without rational arguments, I can say that long before summer approached, it was clear to me that I wanted to make a collection that was explosive, that gave something to talk about, that created sides. I am clear that this collection can provoke two very opposite reactions, there will be those who will love it or, on the contrary, those who will hate it. But what would life be without a diversity of colors, without options to choose from?

I already told you that little by little I was going to expose myself more and more, teaching them in an honest way what is hidden under this umbrella. And here it goes, the collection Rouse, representing my most impulsive part, perhaps the aspect of me that, despite the years, stands out above the rest. And although I believe that there should be moderation, my most sincere acts are in those moments when I do not think, in which I simply act.

I really believe that sometimes it is necessary to give ourselves a break, stop judging ourselves and let ourselves go. And perhaps, summer is the perfect opportunity to relax, shed layers and be more spontaneous. Under this umbrella there is a little space for you, for your calm and the most rebellious part, for the most cautious and the most impulsive. Because the normal thing is to have emotional arrhythmias; having these "swings" is what keeps us awake.

Although this summer is turning into the strangest of our lives, we do not have to stop living unique and unforgettable experiences. Everything will depend on us, on how we decide to invest our time and with whom to share it. Remember that the best stories are the ones that don't repeat themselves, the ones that don't seem to make much sense, the ones that make you smile when you think about them. And this is how we should feel, alive, feeling and suffering, making decisions, taking control of our lives.

So will the collection Rouse, unique and unforgettable, with limited units, for anyone who decides that this is the best summer of their lives.  


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